Lasso Drilling is a North American drilling contractor focusing on the Permian and Western Canadian Sedimentary Basins. Our focus on compact design Super Spec AC rigs, which provide the customer with significant move cost savings, gives Lasso a material competitive advantage.

Our Team

The management team is comprised of seasoned industry leaders with a clear vision of providing client-focused service and an emphasis on safety and compliance. Our hands-on approach has resulted in an industry-leading safety record. Our goal is to bring our knowledge, experience and dedication to every drilling project.

Lasso Drilling’s financial partner, Edge Natural Resources LLC (“Edge”), is a Dallas-based private equity firm that invests in the small-cap North American energy sectors.  Edge manages total commitments of over $1.1 billion across its two flagship funds and one co-investment vehicle.


David Hemsing

President - Lasso Drilling LLC
President - Lasso Drilling Corporation

  • Founder & President Quintera Drilling
  • Field Superintendent to Operations Manager - Champion Drilling
  • Leasehand to Field Superintendent – Hemsing Drilling
Our American Team

Rick VanEe

Vice President - Lasso Drilling LLC
President - LD Consultants

  • Operations Manager – Canelson Drilling, Texas
  • Operations Manager – Calmena Drilling
  • Operations Manager - Stoneham Drilling - North America
  • Field Superintendent to General Manager - Ensign Drilling - Canada
  • Leasehand to General Manager – Tri-City Drilling

Jason Light

Operations Manager

  • Field Superintendent - Canelson Drilling
  • Rig Manager - Big Sky Drilling

Ron Smith

VP Marketing

  • Drilling Sales Manager - Patterson UTI, Houston & Midland, TX
  • VP Marketing – Quarles Drilling Corp, Tulsa, OK & Houston, TX
  • Marketing – Academy-Pro Petro Drilling, Midland, TX
Our Canadian Team

Brittany Fryklund

HSE Manager

  • HSEA / HR Manager / WCB Disability Case Manager - Lasso Drilling Corporation
  • HSEA / HR Manager / WC Disability Case Manager - Lasso Drilling LLC
  • HSEA / HR Manager / WC Disability Case Manager - LD Consultants LLC
  • HSEA / HR Manager / Disability Case Manager / Certified Professional Collector – Precede Occupational Health Services
  • HSEA / HR Manager / WCB Disability Case Manager – Quintera Drilling Ltd.

Brent Costard

Operations Manager

  • Rig Manager Lasso Rig 2
  • Rig Manager Quintera Drilling

Our Performance

Our compact design AC rigs offer highly efficient moves utilizing fewer trucking loads and without use of cranes. We consistently beat competitors’ times drilling comparable wells which leads to significant savings for our clients. Our low TRIR/TRIF and repair time proves we are highly focused on being the safest and most efficient rigs available. We employ rig managers with the same work ethic and equipment knowledge and management – which means our clients receive the best by working with Lasso Drilling.

Our customers receive outstanding service and drilling performance, safe working conditions, employee expertise and high performing crews.

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