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Job Descriptions

Leasehand Job Description

The Leasehand position is deemed to be a “Safety Sensitive” position due to the proximity of heavy industrial machinery. A Leasehand is responsible for assisting with every day operations of the drilling rig, including setting up and taking down, assisting other crew members with various tasks, cleaning buildings and equipment on the lease. A Leasehand may be required to load and unload trucks, dig ditches and assist other crew members as needed. In situations where a crew truck driver is not part of the crew make up, the Leasehand will act as the crew truck driver. The Leasehand is to report to the Driller or his supervising crew member at all times.

Leasehand – Strength

Pysical DemandsWeight (Pounds)Frequency
Low Level Lifting 50-100 Seldom
Low Level Lifting 0-50 Intermittent
Waist Level Lifting 50-100 Seldom
Overhead Lifting 0-30 Occasional
Front Carry 80 Seldom
Side Carry 0-50 Occasional
Pushing 0-50 Frequent
Pulling 0-50 Frequent
Gripping Power Rare
Gripping Light Continuous

 Leasehand - Mobility

Pysical DemandsWeight (Pounds)Frequency
Sitting N/A Intermittent
Standing N/A Continuous
Walking N/A Frequent
Climbing N/A Occasional
Forwar Bending N/A Occasional
Crouching N/A Occasional
Squatting N/A Occasional
Kneeling N/A Intermittent
Crawling N/A Seldomg
Reaching Above Shoulder N/A Frequent
Reaching Below Shoulder N/A Frequent
Twisting N/A Occasional

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