Lasso has an unparalleled commitment to service quality and the health and safety of its employees, as well as the protection of the environment. Lasso Drilling’s commitment to HSE & SQ is visible throughout our operations and is carried forward with the fundamental concept of ‘‘SAFETY THROUGH DESIGN’’.

Our modular rig designs go further than any other drilling company; to increase operational efficiency, while significantly reducing exposure to our employees by:

  • Eliminating the number of touch points employees make rigging up and down
  • Automation of pipe delivery systems
  • Reducing traffic and transportation exposures
  • Minimizing the connections to reduce the likelihood of spills
  • Thinking of ergonomics first, making our equipment user friendly

In addition, Lasso has a robust safety culture and QHSE systems to ensure compliance and to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Lasso Drilling Safety Program

Our Safety Program has been in place for many years and we continue to keep our Certificate of Recognition Accreditation. Lasso Drilling keeps current with all regulatory, workplace and safety standards.

Our corporate mission is to deliver quality service in a safe, efficient and timely manner — with safety at the core of all our decisions.

Comply Works
Comply Works

Our customers receive outstanding service and drilling performance, safe working conditions, employee expertise and high performing crews.

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